50 Incredibly Useful Life Hacks That You Probably Didn’t Know

Life hacks are meant to simplify your life and according to its actual definition, it’s a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Some rich person once said to invest in the things that will save you time because time is something you never get back.

With more and more creative hacks making their way onto the internet each day, there’s just no excuse for not cutting corners (the smart way) and saving yourself the time and hassle.

Some are a little more ridiculous than others, but there are quite a few that are pretty brilliant. You’ve probably seen a few of these, but we’ve tried to find some new and clever hacks you haven’t seen before.

Below are 50 of the best life hacks that have been hand selected by us. Enjoy!

#1 Separate egg yolk using a water bottle


#2 How to find a lost dog

#3 A tennis ball makes for a good holder of things

life hacks

#4 Use frozen grapes to chill wine



#6 Pop A Stocking Over The Head Of Your Vacuum Cleaner To Find Small, Missing Items


#8 Use shower caps to pack your shows inside your suitcase



#10 Carry lotion in a contact case when traveling

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#11 Highlighters remove permanent marker stains

You will probably ruin the highlighter, but if you’re desperate to get permanent marker off, this will help. After you neutralize the stain, clean it off with soap and water.


#13 When You Have To Hang Something With Exact Holes, Photocopy The Back And Use As A Template

#14 Prevent bandages from always slipping off





#17 If You’re Moving, You Can Use This Method To Easily Transport All The Clothes That You Hang

credit: randomusefulbits



#19 Use a binder clip to protect head of razors

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#21 Keep your frozen vegetables organized and secure

#22 How to parallel park





#25 DIY Ice Pack

life hack



#27 Running shoe lacing ideas

#28 Marshmallows keeps brown sugar soft





#31 Useful keyboard symbols




life hacks

#34 Use zip ties on your weed eater

life hacks






#38 Hidden Charge Station For Your Electronics



#40 Fix Scratches On Blu-ray, DVD, or CD

You can these us a lint-free cloth to buff out any fine swirl marks etc… Lastly, give the disc a small spray of Windex and remove smudges with a new cloth.



#42 Cut off the top of a plastic bottle and use it to close plastic bags


#43 No funnel? Just use a screwdriver to pour oil



#46 Time out bottles

life hacks

#47 Use a clothespin to hammer a nail


#49 Put your smartphone on airplane mode to charge faster

#50 Quickly Peel A Boiled Egg In A Glass Of Water

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