These DIY Speakers Made From IKEA Salad Bowls Look Cool As Hell

For about $200, you too can create your very own modern-looking diy speakers.

Believe it or not, Reddit user Teredo came up with the DIY idea when the speakers he owned were just too large for the three cats he shares a home with.

Thanks to a handy Reddit forum about audio and technology, and IKEA, Teredo pulled off his salad bowl speaker set without a hitch. Follow these steps closely to create your very own.

To make a pair of DIY speakers, Teredo needed two bowls for each one, costing him about $50


To attach the speaker heads, he needed to saw off the bottoms of two of the salad bowls


He then sanded all the edges of the bowls


He attached a binding post to the back portions of the soon-to-be speaker. These would house all the loose wires


To make sure everything would line up perfectly, he test-fitted the speaker heads


With epoxy used to glue the bowls together, the speakers were finally starting to take shape

diy speakers

After a four-month search for the perfect speaker legs, he finally settled on these drawer knobs


All that was left to do was to give the speakers a fresh coat of paint


When the paint dried, he was able to reattach the speaker heads to the bases


You would never guess these sleek and modern speakers were made out of salad bowls


You can check out the entire build with more in-depth step by step directions over at imgur. Be sure to give this post a thumbs up and a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

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