35 Cool Drawings That Are Invading Reality

Artists Ramon Bruin, Allessandro Diddi, and Fredo are the creative masterminds behind these cool drawings that seem to jump right off the pages.

These amazing artists have an incredible talent of using angles and perspective to create these awesome drawings.

They use clever shading, line work, perspectives, a pencil, paper, and an incredibly steady hand, all together to create visually stunning awesome drawings and 3D illustrations.

These type of drawings aren’t really anything new as this type of artistry has been around since the early Renaissance period, and was popularized by Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher in the early 1900’s. They look utterly realistic due to light and shadow effects and are some of the best we’ve ever seen.

Interested in drawing, or maybe drawing like this?! Check out some of the awesome drawing tablets, and you’ll be creating stuff like this in no time.

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