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These Crazy Realistic Zombie Head Coffee Mugs Will Make You Scream For Caffeine

If you really want to change up your boring coffee mug routine, here’s something that’ll do the trick.

Pottery artist of 15 years, Kevin “Turkey” Merck created these groggy zombie mugs that are utterly realistic.

“Zombies are by far my favorite monsters to work on, primarily because the of the forms. Textures and color choices for zombies are nearly endless.” Merck said an interview.



A fun fact about the cups: They were inspired by the makeup team behind the Word War Z film.


“The ‘clicking teeth’ zombie that Brad Pitt encounters in the lab while testing his ‘terminally ill camouflage’ theory — that dude freaked me out. And I loved the subtle details of that makeup.”



When you talk of zombies nowadays, you can’t leave out the The Walking Dead and their makeup team lead by Kevin Wasner.


“When I learned how to work with clay I became obsessed with the possibilities and I haven’t looked back since.”





The only set back here is the price of the handcrafted mugs — $125 – $280. It’s well worth the price considering it takes Merck anywhere from four to 30 hours and even sometimes a month to get the zombie mugs perfect.

The mugs are basically sell out every time he makes them available, but they’re currently in stock over at his website.

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