This Clever Medical Device Stitches You Up Without The Need Of Stitches

Will all this new technology, it’s about time someone started innovating ways to make health care costs cheaper.

We obviously have the capacity and that’s exactly what one person did when he was stabbed in the forehead during a wooden knife fight in a martial arts class.

Thanks to that misfortune, ZipStitch was created. It’s a simple DIY tool that will save you the expensive trip to the ER and no expertise is even required. ZipStitch pretty much operates like a zip-tie and, according to the company, lasts 8x longer than normal stitches and even leaves less scarring.

They’re so accessible, you can even purchase them on Amazon. This is incredible!



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This device stitches you up without the need of stitches 🤕

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You can purchase the ZipStitch over on Amazon!

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