You Won’t Believe How Deep This Labrador Can Dive To Retrieve Rocks At The Bottom

We really don’t need to remind you how amazing our pet friends are and how much we love them. Their companionship is priceless and the joy they bring to us is endless. They are also quite extraordinary in all sorts of ways. Born with strong natural instincts some may think that all dogs are born with the ability to swim.


However, it’s actually not an innate ability for these pooches to get out there in water, even though we catch them “doggie paddling” every now and again. It’s believed that when it comes to swimming, man’s best friend falls into three categories: those who can swim, those who are taught, and those who just stay far away from any sort of water activity. Dogs also need the physical capacity to swim in the first place.

Long legs and snouts are ideal. You won’t see a pug diving 12-feet underwater like this chocolate lab by the name of Jordy.  Jordy is quite extraordinary to watch diving beneath the Smith River in Crescent City, California.


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