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Top 5 Similar Sites To Yify For Streaming Movies Online

Yify is a completely free movie streaming website. This website doesn’t even required you to create an account to view their content. Their entire library of movies is literally only a click away.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are among the most popular movie and television series services. However, there is is one problem with them. They all required a monthly subscription of some kind if you want to view their content.

In the modern era of increasing entertainment being streamed online, some completely free alternatives have emerged. Of course, anyone can jump on YouTube and watch free content, but what if people want to watch new movies and TV series that YouTube lacks? This is where websites like Yify come in.

Upon first visiting the Yify website, you will notice a clean design with a dark theme. This dark theme definitely helps when looking for a movie to watch late at night. It is easier on the eyes and gives one a sense of being in a dark movie theater before the show starts. Navigation of the website is incredibly simple, with an easy search feature to find any movie you are looking for.



Directly on the main Yify homepage are several suggestions of popular movies. Most of these movies are in high definition, with excellent audio quality. The exception to the high definition is when you find a movie that is still in theaters.

These uploads were usually just filmed with a smartphone in a movie theater, so the quality will be labeled as such. Near the end of the year, around November and December, you’ll get lucky and find high definition movie screeners that were leaked online before the awards season.

Most of the year, however, users will need to wait until the title has been released on Blu-ray before a good quality version is available.

Keep in mind, with Yify, all files hosted are links to downloadable torrents. These can be used to download the movie directly to your device, or users can use their streaming app of choice so they can simply stream the torrent.

The downside is that downloading torrents from random peers can be slightly more dangerous than streaming directly from a server. For this reason, many users recommend using a VPN (virtual private network) such as NordVPN when accessing this websites content.

While their movie catalog may not be as large as some other sites, they tend to stay up to date with all the most popular releases. The biggest criticism is that they don’t have a library for any television shows, but there are several other great alternatives around.


PandaMovie is a free movie and television series streaming website that directly links to streams hosted on third party websites. Because of this, they are able to have a much larger library than any of the paid subscription websites. It makes it easy to find current movies and television series, as well as older, more obscure ones.

Especially, because many of these websites have very robust navigation menus, and their search filtering helps you find the exact kind of title you are looking for.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of these free streaming entertainment sites, the website is currently down. Very often, these sites are shut down by government entities of certain countries for linking to hosted content that are under copyright protection.

When this happens, these streaming sites are usually down for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. After a short wait, the site is back up under a different domain extension.

However, when it is up and working properly, it has a library of content even larger than Yify, so keep you eye out for upcoming updates to this popular movie streaming website.




Unlike PandaMovie, MovieFlixter is up and full of thousands of great titles. This completely free streaming website has a huge library of both movies and television series. All of their titles are in full high definition, with the exceptions of older movies and televisions series, and also newer movies that are still playing in movie theaters.

The website has a very slick design. It has a clean white background without all the extra clutter that many streaming sites tend to have a problem with. Its minimal design allows users to easily browse the library without any complications. The simple, yet useful, navigation menu, sorts titles of both movies and television series by different genres, as well as many other expected categories.

MovieFlixter does not host any of the titles in their catalog themselves. Instead, all movies and shows are hosted externally. The great thing about this is that if a specific hosting server is running uncharacteristically slow, then users can easily switch to another hosting server that is running at a faster speed.

Keep in mind, different servers are hosted in different parts of the world, so which server runs fastest for you will largely depend on your location, as well as whether or not it is peak time for data usage in the location of that server.




Out of most of the free streaming movie and TV series websites on this list, 123movies is likely the oldest. In the past, they have had problems with domain name shutdowns similar to PandaMovie.

But, due to their experience over the years, they have several backup domain names and are usually up and running less than 24 hours after a shutdown. This makes them one of the most reliable free streaming websites that rivals even the paid subscription streaming services.

Because of the many domain name changes, the design of the site often gets changed in the process. So, if you were a 123Movies user in the past, the current design may look a little unfamiliar. However the newer design looks very clean and works well on mobile devices.

The only downside is they are mostly limited to searching directly for a title with the search bar. The navigational category and genre sections are leaving a lot to be desired. Because of this setback it’s best used when you already know exactly what you want to watch. Keep your eyes open for a better browsing feature in the future.




Vudu is a free streaming website that is completely legit without the worry of a legal grey area in certain countries. If that is a concern for your location with some of these other websites listed, Vudu is a great free alternative.

Unlike some of the other websites listed, they do require you to register an account to view their free content. An account can be created with an email address or by simply logging in with your Facebook account. Once an account is created, you have unlimited access to all of their free content, with advertising.

The ads that are played aren’t too frequent, but they can be a bit jarring. For instance, ads generally play at set time intervals, with no concern for it being a good break in the action. This is especially jarring for television series where you expect ads to be played where the commercial break would usually be.

Instead, ads are usually played mid-sentence of a character’s dialog, making it slightly harder to follow. However if you have any experience with ads on websites such as YouTube, chances are you are already used to this kind of practice and you won’t be affected by it much.




GoMovies is another completely free movie and television series website that links to all of the content from third party servers. Out of most of the websites on this list, this one has some of the quickest and most consistently reliable servers that they are linked to.

This website has a wonderful design, very clean with very little wasted space. Large images are used for all titles, making it easy to get a quick glance at what movie or TV show it is without the need to click on the individual titles.

They have wonderful search filtering, so it is very easy to browse by several genres and categories that are a bit harder to find on other free streaming websites. Along with the easy navigation, it’s very useful that all titles are clearly labeled with the quality of the picture for said title.

Most releases are in HD, but for older titles SD may be more common, and CAM is common for any movies still in theaters.

Similar to Yify, a membership or paid subscription isn’t required to view any of the content on GoMovies, a premium service with additional features is available.

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