World’s Largest Vertical Maze Is One Of The Coolest Looking Buildings On Earth

The Rostamani Maze Tower, located in Dubai, is one of the many incredible architectural achievements the city has to offer. A unique modern metropolis known for its world class high rises makes it one of the lead business hubs in the Middle East.

The Rostamani Maze Tower is the first and most ambitious of its kind. The Maze Tower was completed in January of 2012 and resides on Sheikh Zayed Road in the heart of Dubai’s financial district. The Guinness Book of World Records acclaimed the 56-floor building as the world’s largest vertical maze in the world.

“The intricate balconies found on the front and rear facades form the shape of a maze, which also make-up real puzzles,” says Guinness.

DAR Consult recruited esteemed maze designer Adrian Fisher to project the incredibly complex maze. Rebeca Sánchez, a light programmer, was also recruited to install thousands of LED lights to accentuate the maze’s form. She said the project was “the biggest challenge” she’s ever encountered as a light director. After sunset, one will find the lights changing colors and dancing.

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