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Woman Transforms Into An Easter Bunny Using Makeup And It’s Freaking Me Out

To get into the Easter spirit, highly talented London based makeup artist Maria Malone-Guerbaa decided to go all out… but not in the pair of bunny ear way. Instead she decided to completely transform her face into a rabbit by using her incredible makeup skills.



It took her roughly three hours to complete the entire process, and she didn’t even use any prosthetics or special effects to achieve this little rabbit appearance…. Just makeup and some tips from the internet.

Maria took a picture of her progress every 20 minutes during the three-hour Easter makeover


Screenshot (254)-Optimized

Here’s the result

Screenshot (253)-Optimized

Now check out this quick ultra creepy video….


Creepy or not…. her makeup skills are quite amazing. You can also follow her on Instagram if you want to see more. Share this and drop us a comment below before you go. (h/t Elite Daily)

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