These Wine Bottles Have Labels With Short Stories That Let You Read While You Sip

What goes best with wine? A short story of course. This ingenious idea is credited to Italian winery Matteo Correggia and design agency Revers Innovation. Librottiglia (meaning “book” and “bottle” in Italian) carries a variety of wines that come with short stories attached to the label.

One story titled “A Frog in the Belly” is written by Patrizia Laquidara. It tells the story of an intriguing fable wich complements the uncommon personality of the red Anthos.Regina Marques

In Regina Marques Nadaes’s “I love you. Forget me” an intense story unfolds just as the ruby red Nebbiolo Roero it accompanies, and “Murder” by journalist and satirist Danilo Zanelli blends with the spirit of the white Roero Arneis. The stories only come in Italian at the moment, but will soon be in English.







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