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Window Washers Get Caught In Terrifying High Winds On The Shanghai Skyscraper

Wow is all I can say…. Seriously though, I hope these window cleaners made it down all right after this terrifying incident. It was a normal day cleaning one of China’s highest buildings when strong winds began shaking their platform violently into the 91st floor window of Shanghai’s World Financial Center.

It’s the second tallest building measuring in at 1,614 ft. An onlooker from the inside of the building filmed as violent winds slammed the two workers into the building. The video is one-minute long and takes place above the Lujiazui Financial District hundreds of feet below.


I honestly would have had a heart attack…. No update yet on if these two guy’s are okay. Let us know your thoughts below and don’t forget to give this a share on Facebook before you go.

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