Here Are Wi-Fi Passwords From Airports Around The World In One Brilliant Map

Do you ever face the dilemma of being at an airport without Wi-Fi? I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves in this predicament once or twice in our lives. In case you’ve been dying to know what the Wi-Fi passwords are at each airport, here they are.

A brilliant, and generous, travel blogger and computer security engineer by the name of Anil Polat created a map that includes all airport Wi-Fi passwords. Everyone, rejoice!

Those data overages on long trips, domestic and international, are no longer something you’ll have to worry about if you use this map wisely. The best part about it is that it’s updated regularly. Adios, data overages! Simply click on the interactive map to find passwords in your area.

wi-fi passwords

You can click on the airports below to reveal their Wi-Fi passwords

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