Majestic Rare White Giraffe Captured On Video For The First Time In Kenya

A mother white giraffe and her baby were caught on camera in a rare sighting by conservationists in northern Kenya.

The adorable relatives were captured on film by park rangers from the Hirola Conservation Program (HCP) as they calmly strolled through a field.

In case you were wondering why the giraffes are unusually pale and not their typical brown and orange color, it’s because they have leucism, not albinism.

It’s a genetic condition when levels of various pigments in the skin cells are reduced. The duo was first spotted by local villagers who then brought it to the attention of park rangers.

The mother is seen swaying back and forth which is actually a signal warning her baby to hide in the bushes. Park rangers revealed that this is a particularly rare sighting and that the last white giraffes were last seen in Kenya and Tanzania.

White GiraffePhoto: HCP

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