When You Open A Soda At The Bottom Of The Ocean The Result Is Actually Quite Fascinating

Opening a can of soda after shaking it up is probably not the smartest idea, unless you don’t care if you make a complete mess. But what if you were on the bottom of the ocean floor? Wouldn’t the same thing happen? Chris Hadfiled recently did a experiment on the ocean floor that involved just that.


If you’re wondering how this is possible…. Basically,  the habitat he is in is pressurized to two atmosphere’s, meaning twice the pressure you would have at the surface of the earth. If you shake it you cause the internal pressure to increase, which increases the difference of pressure from inside the can to the outside which causes the explosion.

When you do this at two atmospheres the pressure inside the can is closer to the pressure outside the can, regardless if it is shaken or not, and it wont explode.


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