When Money Is No Object…. You Can Buy Yourself This


If you’re a fan of Tron Legacy then you probably are pretty familiar with those sweet light cycles. Maybe you have even wished you could buy one…. Well now you can, but it’s going to cost you about $55,000….

The light cycle is actually an amazing replica. Like 100% accurate, it just doesn’t come with Jeff Bridges. Check out the specs below:

  • Suzuki 996cc, 4 stroke engine
  • Electroluminescent strips built into the tire cowlings
  • Electroluminescent strips built into the wheel rims
  • Electroluminescent strips built into the body to illuminate the cycle
  • 6-speed constant mesh manual transmission
  • Spring-loaded front and rigid rear suspension
  • 3 1/2-gallon main fuel tank and 1 1/4-gallon reserve tank
  • 8 1/2′ L x 23 1/4″ W x 28 1/2″ H. (474 lbs.)



(via collider)

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