When A Kid Kept Ramming This Guy’s Legs… His Response Had Me Applauding

Okay – we’ve all experienced that one bratty kid in public. You either feel sorry for his/her parents or straight up want to slap not only the child, but also the parents as well for not doing anything about that child’s rude behavior in public. There is no single right way to discipline a child. I’m sure all parents have their unique style of discipline and some work well while others should be chucked to the wolves.

In this video, clearly this man is minding his own business when some kid randomly starts hitting him with his kitty-kart. Those things hurt! Have you ever accidentally run over your mother’s heels at the grocery store? OUCH!


Well, it seems like the disobedient child’s Mom doesn’t give a flying flip about her child ramming this cart into this seemingly stranger. Now whether it’s cruel or what this kid deserves, it sure prevented him from ramming that kart again.

What do you think? Was his reaction justified? Let us know in the comments and make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go. (H/T SF Globe)

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