Whataburger Employees Try And Sell Customer A Dirty Burger, He Spots It And Confronts Them


The customer service aspect of fast food restaurants keeps sinking lower and lower, almost as low as the quality of the food they serve up. Here is what happened in one Whataburger located in Shreveport, Louisiana. According to Chris Wactor, the guy that filmed it, said….

The Whataburger on Bert Kouns (Shreveport) gave a guys order to the wrong customer who opened the burger with his hands, and said “this isn’t mine“, the girl (Whaterburger employee) then gave that same burger back to the correct customer. That customer then asked for a fresh untouched burger, the guy in the back (a different Whataburger employee) took that same burger and put it in another bag .

The customer said “I saw that so just give me my money back“. Then the manager went to the guys in the back and told them “the customer saw you so just go to the back and switch it out without him seeing“. That’s when the customer got irritated and told the guys in the back that he saw them and that’s when they started threatening him.

The video picks up after the manager makes the statement about switching the burger out in the back. (Warning: Contains Language)


The video was uploaded to YouTube, where a Whataburger spokesperson made a full statement:

Whataburger strives to create a great experience for our customers, and we are shocked and embarrassed by this incident, especially the behavior of the employees involved. We train our employees to handle a variety of situations with respect and courtesy to our guests, and clearly that training was not utilized here. Based on the actions shown in this video, and our internal investigation, the employees involved have been let go.

It really makes you think as to what really goes on behind the scenes. Who knows, this may go on all the time at other establishments. Make sure to give this story a share on Facebook.


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