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The Stanley Hotel: The Terrifying Real-Life Hotel That Inspired The Shining

For all of you Jack Nicholson fans and for those who can’t get enough of Stephen King’s The Shining, we have just the place for you.

The Stanley Hotel is a 138-guest room sanctuary in the Colorado Rockies that was complete in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley.

He wrote the book after staying in room 217. The hotel now serves as a popular resort, is a popular destination for ghost hunters and even offers ghost tours.

Ghosts that have been reported are that of Freelan Stanley and his wife Flora.

They have been seen dressed in formal attire near public areas like the main staircase, the lobby and the billiard room. Another place Mr. Stanley can be seen is in the administration offices. Echoes of the Flora’s piano can be heard occasionally throughout the ballroom.

The Stanley Hotel


Phantom footsteps along with disembodied footsteps are heard in the hallways and rooms. Reports if unseen hands tugging at clothing have also been reported by staff. Several guests said they were awakened to find their blankets taken for their beds and neatly folded.

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“The Earl of Dunraven, who owned the land prior to the Stanley’s, is said to haunt room 407, where the aroma of his cherry pipe tobacco still can be smelled. A ghostly face has also been reported peering out of the room’s window when it was not occupied.”

In room 217, where Stephen King spent the night, a tragic accident occurred. It was in 1911 that the housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson was nearly killed by a gas leak explosion. She died in the 1950s and ever since then, strange, unexplained activity occurs within the room. Things like doors opening and closing and lights switching on and off all by themselves.

The most haunted room is 418. Hotel staff claim the ghosts of children can be heard playing in the hallways at night. One couple complained that noisy children kept them up all night although there were no children staying at the hotel at that time.

Famous scene from The Shinning



Room 217


Inside room 217


The main entrance area

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The scenery is absolutely breathtaking


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