What Happens When Two Tanks Are Filled With Water, But One Has Oysters

Oysters make good appetizers and excellent water filters. Just check out this video of oysters being left in water from the Honga River for two hours.

Both tanks contain water from the estuary of the Chesapeake Bay: the tank on the right contains oysters while the tank on the left is the cloudy water with nothing in it.

In a matter of two hours, the tank with the oysters filters all of the algae out of the water proving that oysters are extremely effective at naturally filtering water, which benefits the entire ecosystem. It’s thought that a single oyster can filter up to 2 gallons of water in one hour alone.

One of the benefits to oysters filtering water is that this allows, “more sunlight penetration, more sea grasses, and more places for fish/crabs to hide from predators.”

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h/t: (TwistedSifter)

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