What Color Is The Sun? Here’s A Hint, It’s Not The Color You Think

What color is the sun? Is a question you’ve probably heard asked or asked yourself before.

Typically, in grade school we all colored the Sun yellow because that is what we see and think when talking about the Sun.

Well the Sun only appears yellow through Earth’s atmosphere but it’s not actually yellow. It’s yellow because protons of light from across the visible spectrum reach Earth’s atmosphere. Since shorter wavelengths of energetic photons are scattered away by particles, we don’t see blue and violet colors from the Sun as they’re scattered across the sky which is why the sky is blue.

What color is the sun?


According to Eric Berger, Chron, “particles with longer wavelengths, yellow, orange and red (the longest) have a better chance of making it through the atmosphere without being scattered. For most of the day the Sun’s light is passing through enough of the atmosphere such that the yellow region of the spectrum is most represented.”

“However, at midday, the Sun’s photos are going through the least amount of atmosphere, so it has a slightly blueish tint. And at sunset, of course, its photons are traveling through the maximum amount of atmosphere relative to your eyes, so only the reddish photons make it through.” So basically, the Sun is white.

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h/t Chron

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