Guy Captures A Terrifying Rain Bomb As It Comes Crashing Down Over Phoenix

Helicopter pilot Jerry Ferguson is the perfect example of what is possible when you’re at the right place, at the right time.

Ferguson was out filming for a local television station when he caught sight of a meteorological phenomenon known as a microburst (rain bomb).

During his flight in Phoenix, Ferguson witnessed and photographed an incredible microburst that came colliding down from the sky. The blast contained rain, hail, and wind with the potential of producing 150 mph winds once they hit the ground.

These winds can be extremely damaging and have been the cause of plane crashes around the country including Delta Flight 191 in Dallas in 1985, Pan Am flight 759, and  a Boeing 727 in New Orleans in 1982.

Microbursts are one of the most dangerous meteorological occurrences known to man.

microburstcredit: Jerry Ferguson

microburstcredit: Jerry Ferguson

Check out this incredible time-lapse

This is the seconds time we posted about a microburst, and you can see that other article here.

h/t Washington Post (Photo credits: Jerry Ferguson)

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