Watching This Guy Turn Wax Into Realistic Food Is Unbelievably Cool

You’ve probably seen fake versions of food displayed at various restaurants, sometimes waiters will even come around the table and present the fake food to you….

This food artist shows few couple of children how to make Tempura and other foods using layers of colored wax and other materials. The practice first started in Gujo, Japan and is now a common practice all over Japan.


Screenshot (339)-Optimized

…becomes that


He starts making the Tempura shrimp at the start of the video, and he starts making the head of cabbage at the 3:30…. Just in case you wanted to skip ahead in the video.

Once he cut into the lettuce my jaw completely dropped. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go, and don’t forget to drop us a comment below. (h/t SF Globe)

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