This Vortex Fountain Is The Coolest Thing You’ll Ever Have In Your Backyard

Here is something that’ll give life to your spring garden. It’s called a vortex fountain and was created by some talented UK designers over at Tills Innovations.

The fountain features an exclusive and stunning high-quality water vortex that is ideal for indoors, outdoors, in homes, and in gardens.

“This water feature is alive as the ever-changing vortex pulses behind a shimmering wave of water over the outside of what appears to be a solid piece of glass. All witnessed in perfect clarity and detail.”

The secret behind the water is an engineered solution, comprising of high-quality bespoke pieces. “It is the design and quality of build that makes the effect so stunning and importantly ensures it continues to do so.”





The Volute will run you about $2,600, but can you really put a price on something this cool?! You can check out more about it here.

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