Watching This Knife Instantly Heat Up And Glow Red Is Pure Sorcery

Induction forging is just about as cool as playing with fire is. How many things can you think of that can instantly heat a knife? Check it out, as the knife glides through the coils of an induction heater, it instantaneously turns the knife into a red-hot glowing metal. It’s pretty fascinating to watch and just imagine the possibilities with something that hot.

According to YouTuber Spaisekraft“Induction heating is basically where you pass an alternating current through the copper coils. This induces an alternating magnetic field which in turn induces eddy currents on the surface of metals that are placed inside (the work-piece). The eddy currents cause joule heating in the work-piece while the coils don’t heat up because usually they’re water cooled.”

“The alternating electricity in the copper coil makes a magnetic field. When the metal thing is put inside that field it makes its own electricity and that causes the atoms of the metal to move back and forth so fast that the “friction” between them makes heat.”

If you thought that was cool… Check this out

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