Watching A Euler’s Disk Spin Is Unexpectedly Satisfying, Especially The End

I’m sure you’ve spun a coin at some point in your life, but probably not a coin on steroids…. so to say. It’s called the Euler’s Disk, a scientific educational toy that’s used to illustrate and study the dynamic system of a spinning disk on a flat surface (just like that of a spinning coin).

According to Wiki, “The apparatus is known for a paradoxical dramatic speed-up in spin rate as the disk loses energy and approaches a stopped condition. This phenomenon is named for Leonhard Euler, who studied it in the 18th century.”

So what’s the physics behind this?? Well, there are a few things at play here, but basically is has to do with rolling friction…. the force resisting the motion when a body rolls on a surface.

Euler’s Disk

If this kind of stuff fascinates you… You can buy the disk over on Amazon for about $26.

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