Watch This Mans Life Change Forever As A Family Heirloom Sells For $1.8 Million


They call him Big L.T. and after suffering a terrible foot injury from a car crash, has been struggling to pay the bills. While watching an episode of Antiques Roadshow, he saw a Navajo Chiefs Weaving Blanket and realized he had one similar that was passed down through the generations to him.

Once L.T. saw what the Navajo blanket went for on Antiques Roadshow, he decided to go get it his authenticated. Once the blanket was verified as authentic, L.T. took it to the auction.

Watch L.T.’s reaction as the auction starts at $150,000 and finishes at a record breaking $1.8 million. The auction starts at the 4:25 mark, if you want to skip to that point. Keep you tissues around.

(H/T The Conservative Post)

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