Watch This Crazy Bead-Chain Experiment Defy Gravity And Bend Physics

Are you ready for your mind to explode? You sure?? Well…. Okay…. Steve Mould from Britain’s Brightest has completely broken physics with these crazy self siphoning beads. Inside the beaker is a 164-foot long string of 8,000 beads, and once you toss one end of the string out of the beaker…. Things get crazy…. Really crazy.


So what the hell is going on??!! It’s basically a combination of tug-of-war and momentum (detailed explanation below). If you want to try it for yourself…. Search for metal 4.5mm chain beads on Ebay to get the same ones you saw in the video. Someone also mentioned that plastic beads yields the same type of crazy result.

Here’s an in-depth explanation about how it works (2 min. mark)

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