Watch These Guys Unleash Homemade Hell With This Insane DIY Fire Tornado

Here’s something that looks really cool, and it’s not difficult at all to achieve.

All it requires is 12 box fans, a bug metal bucket, and decent size fire.

It was created by the people over at Unallocated Space, and well… it’s pretty incredible to say the least.

Just make sure you’re in an open area. LOL!

Grab a metal bucket, depending on how big you want the tornado. Use wood to get a decent sized fire going.

Screenshot (105)-Optimized

Line the fans around the fire, each at a slight angle. Don’t worry to much, you’ll need to adjust them later.

Screenshot (106)-Optimized

Turn the fans on low to start

Screenshot (108)-Optimized

Start adjusting each one to spiral the flame

Screenshot (109)-Optimized

It will take some time to get each angle of the fan perfect

Screenshot (110)-Optimized

As the flame gets bigger you’ll need to back the fans off so they won’t melt

Screenshot (111)-Optimized

Once the flame starts to stand up, turn the fans to high

Screenshot (112)-Optimized

Wait a few minutes…..

Screenshot (113)-Optimized

You should start seeing the shape

Screenshot (114)-Optimized

And there you have it… a fire tornado.

Screenshot (115)-Optimized

Screenshot (116)-Optimized

Now check out the video it’s pretty freaking cool!

Want to scale it up?! Make a bigger fire and double the fans… but be careful.

Apparently the fans started to melt so they had to shut the thing down… but none the less. Pretty amazing right?!

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