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Watch These Fascinating Flesh-Eating Beetles Strip A Body To The Bone

So are you ready to see some flesh-eating beetles devour carcass all the way down to the bone!! Yeah not really huh… In all seriousness though this is actually quite fascinating. Meet the Dermestid Beetle, a bug that can pick a carcass clean in just a matter of days leaving only the bone structures intact. Which is why these little guy’s are the perfect tool for museum scientists.


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According to Deep Look, “in nature, Dermestid Beetles are death-homing devices. They’ll find a dead body about a week after death and lay eggs in the drying flesh. The larvae emerge with a voracious appetite, outgrowing their skins six to eight times in just days before pupating, becoming adults and flying away to start a new colony.” These beetles play a critical role at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at UC Berkeley…. Check it out below.


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