This Company Will Press Your Ashes Into Vinyl Record When You Die

If you’re searching for a truly unique way to honor your lost loved one’s memory And Vinyl, a UK Company founded by Jason Leach, will turn their ashes into a vinyl record as a tribute to them.

Each vinyl record can include your loved one’s ashes sifted and spread across raw vinyl records then sealed, and a clip of their voice in the background to go along with a favorite song.

Each vinyl is custom with personal cover art from supplied photographs or an on-call painter from the National Portrait Gallery. Oh, and get this, the vinyl can even be arranged long before you die.

While it may sound like a peculiar idea, Leach explains in the video below that the idea came to him as he remembered growing up and hearing a story about how his great grandfather’s ashes were scattered at sea.

This company is putting a new spin on honoring the dearly departed

They press cremated remains into raw vinyl and seal them into a record

The audio can be a loved one’s favorite song, or a clip of them speaking
The company was founded by Jason Leach, a musician himself
Distinct pops and crackles can be heard as the needle traces the ashes
For audiophiles and music lovers, this is the ultimate send-off

For more information and pricing contact And Vinyly.

If you thought this was interesting, another company will swirl you into beautiful glass spheres when you die.

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