First Vertical Forest In Asia Covered In Over 3,000 Plants To Be Completed In 2018

How would you like to live in a building surrounded by shrubs and fresh air? These vertical forests located in Nanjing, China produce 132 pounds of oxygen a day.

Dubbed the Nanjing Towers, these twins are the first vertical forest in Asia. Expected completion for the towers is 2018. Designer and architect Stefano Boeri designed each tower to stand at 656ft and 354ft housing over 1,000 trees and 2,500 shrubs in the process.

In the taller tower, you’ll find offices, a museum, a green architecture school and a rooftop club, while the smaller tower will house a rooftop pool and a 247-room Hyatt hotel.

Visitors will enjoy balconies where amazing views of the forests can be seen. This is all in part to help regenerate local biodiversity.

Stefano Boeri has already designed similar buildings located in Milan and has one planned for Lausanne, Switzerland.

Similar buildings have also been planned by the architect for Lausanne, Switzerland

More info about these (here).

And two vertical forests, called Bosco Verticale, have already been built in Milan, Italy

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