25 Powerful Pieces Of Street Art That Tell An Uncomfortable Truth

This telling street art reveals an alarming message: our state of affairs with natural resources is under duress.

ROA, Blu, Banksy, and other artists have took to the streets and have turned blank urban walls into works of art with imperative messages.

Whether you agree with the messages or not, this is a unique way street artists are garnering support for environmentalism.

The use of simple slogans and thought provoking images are not easily forgotten. Which one stands out the most?

I Don’t Believe In Global Warming

1Image credits: Banksy

World Is Going Down The Drain

2Image credits: Pejac

Lets Keep The Plants Alive

3Image credits: Natalia Rak

Urbanization Is Killing Us

4Image credits: Blu

Killing Ourselves

5Image credits: Pejac

The Clock is Ticking

6Image credits: Blu


7Image credits: Banksy

I Remember When This Was All Trees

8Image credits: Banksy

Born To Be Wild

9Image credits: July

Animals in Zoos

10Image credits: ROA

The World is Burning

12Image credits: Eduardo Kobra

We’re Eating The Earth

13Image credits: Nemo

Eating The Earth

14Image credits: Blu

Earth Is Being Killed

15Image credits:

The Truth

16Image credits: GroovyMutation

Locked Up Animals

17Image credits: ROA

Animal Cruelty Is Everywhere

18Image credits: ROA

Earth-Pie of Trash

19Image credits: Blu

Ice Ice Baby

20Image credits: Pobel

If Only We Could See The Sky And Not The Buildings

21Image credits: Banksy

Poor Earth

22Image credits: Sejak

Nothing To Eat

23Image credits: Banksy

New McDonalds Is Opening

24Image credits: reddit

When Life Gives You Oil Spills Make Molotovs

25Image credits: Priest

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