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This T-Shirt With 40 Icons Will Solve The Communication Problems During Your Trip

We’ve all been in this situation before at one point or another.

You’re traveling in a country you’ve never been before and you haven’t exactly mastered the native tongue, but you still want to explore it and get by the best way possible.

IconSpeak is a T-shirt with 40 universal icons that can be understood without ever having to ever say a word.

IconSpeak was designed to aid those who may face a language barrier in a country foreign to us.

The clever concept was designed by three Swiss “pen-pushers” after a night out for drinks over an anecdote about a broken-down motorcycle in Vietnam.

Could you see yourself using one of these handy T-shirts?










If you’re interested in learning more, or purchasing a shirt you can do so here. Like what you’re reading?

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