Transferring A Picture Onto A Block Of Wood Is Pretty Much The Coolest Thing

You want a cool and unique idea? Well here ya go… Here’s a quick and easy tutorial from Crystal Hethcote that’ll teach you a cool method of transferring a picture onto a block of wood.

All of which you can easily afford at your local craft store. Check it out below!

You’ll need a block of wood (duh)

Screenshot (85)

Mod podge and gel medium

Screenshot (86)

Cover wood with gel medium

Screenshot (87)

Place paper picture side down

Screenshot (88)

Smooth out bubbles

Screenshot (89)

Let it dry

Screenshot (90)

Wet surface

Screenshot (91)

Gently rub the wet paper off

Screenshot (92)

Clean off paper residue

Screenshot (93)

Cover with mod podge

Screenshot (94)

Check out the video

Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll need: A piece of rectangle wood… or really any will do / A bottle of “Mod Podge® Matte” / “Liquitex® String Gel Medium” / A brush to apply the products / Any printed photo you would like to use. * Also, make sure to flip the photograph before printing it off.

All of the stuff mentioned above might run about $25, but the result is totally worth. Make sure to drop us a comment below and give this a share on Facebook.

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