Toronto’s New Anti-Littering Campaign Was Brilliant… So Why Was It Pulled?


Livegreen Toronto has come up with an excellent ad campaign to bring awareness to littering. Toronto did have a great reputation for having a clean city, but recently littering has become a major factor. The ad campaign was running with pretty good success until…. it was suddenly removed by the city.

The reasoning… well basically, brands complained. According to city of Toronto spokesperson, Siobhan Ramsay, “Concerns were subsequently raised by various companies about the use of their trade-marks and the potentially negative effect that this campaign might have on their brands. Even though the affected companies have indicated their support for the City’s anti-littering initiatives.”

That kind of sucks, I though the ad campaign was pretty solid, but hey, what can you do. Check out the pictures below.






littering-ad-campaign-toronto-livegreen-6(H/T HuffPost) (Photo Credits:

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