To Hell With Being Buried! These People Will Turn You Into A Firework When You Die

Talk about a pretty unconventional way of being buried… Well in this case it’s going out with a bang. Literally!!

Heavens Above Fireworks is changing the way we say goodbye to our loved ones, and by changing I mean sending you or your loved one off in spectacular fashion. They offer quite a few different firework displays depending on what you’re looking for.

Founded back in 2004, Heavens Above Fireworks was looking for a way to incorporate cremated ashes into fireworks for a spectacular final send off.

Go Out With A Bang


Traditionally, you’re either buried or cremated…. unless you want to turn into a tree, but that’s a whole other topic.

Anyways, since a lot of people now choose to be cremated it often leaves the family with the question of how best to disperse of the ashes, and that’s where Heaven Above Fireworks comes in.

A Spectacular Goodbye



A Gentle Farewell


Prices start out at about £950 (about $1,400 US)


Or really go out with a bang with the “Grand Finale”


Not looking to go out with a bang?! Heavens Above Fireworks also does memorial space flights starting out at $1,295
Earth Orbit Service


Earth-Rise Service


Luna Service


Our just go all out and send you loved one on a permanent journey into the cosmos… for just $12,500


Check out a few of the videos below

You can learn more over at Heavens Above Fireworks at their website, or if you’re interested you can also contact them here. Make sure to share this on Facebook and don’t forget to drop us a comment below. (via Heavens Above Fireworks)

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