This Guy Strapped A Boat Motor To His Tiki Bar, And Created Heavenly Bliss

Fort Lauderdale local Greg Darby loves cruising down the New River with his wife. It wasn’t until their dinghy was stolen did the days enjoying life by the water come to a screeching halt.

The couple was left with two options: replace the dinghy or purchase the tiki bar they’d been dreaming of. As time passed, Darby suggested to his wife that they purchase a new dinghy and she replied, “What about the tiki bar?” This is where Darby managed to kill two birds with one stone.


“I’m an electrical engineer, so I started working on drawings of a tiki bar that could float,” he says. “Then I got carried away and designed it with a motor.”


The floating tiki bar can hold up to 12 people and comes with customizable options like a wet bar, a Bluetooth sound system, picnic benches, LED lights, and barstools.


“Just figure out where you want to go,” he says. “Then turn the key and go. We already have a few of them out on the water, in Florida, Georgia, Canada, and we’re working on one for Cabo San Lucas in Mexico too.”


“It’s great because I use it as a demo for people who want to maybe buy a boat or buy something like this,” he says.


“They’re not a water taxi, though,” he says. “This is something unique and different. It can sit along the sea wall or be taken out for a drive.”


“It’s so much fun buzzing up and down the New River,” says Darby. “It’s been a real blessing to get an idea that resonates with a whole lot of people. There’s really a lot of homes for tiki bars like this.”7



Darby’s Tiki Bar boat isn’t available to the public just yet but he’s working with people to kickstart a public charter which included rentals and small dinner cruises.

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