This Video Is Actually NOT In Reverse… Even Though It Totally Looks Like It

This is Eran Amir and he’s going to throw your mind for a spin. Things aren’t what they seem in his creatively impressive You Tube videos. What Amir is doing is creating a film that’s actually in forward motion but looks backwards to begin with. Amir is getting quite the positive feed back on YouTube as well, as one user put it “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand… you have a new subscriber”. Pay attention to the sandwich part, that seems to be baffling the audience on YouTube.


Not in reverse 

Doesn’t it make you a wee bit curious on how this was made? Don’t worry, we have the video for you. Can you believe Amir’s team created this in just one take? Oh yeah… and if you’re wondering how the drink and the sandwich worked…. You can see a tube in the video coming out of his jacket for the drink. The sandwich was a sponge squished up in his mouth.

Amir’s video in the making


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