This Uniquely Cool Floating Lake-Hotel Lets You Sleep 10 Feet Underwater

Have you ever wanted to sleep underwater? At the Utter Inn, you can, thanks to Mikael Genburg who developed the idea and said the inspiration came to him unexpectedly. An underwater room you can snooze in, in the middle of a lake–yes!


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Although doubts existed prior to the completion of the lake house, Mikael said, “I was quite worried as it was an unproven concept, but now I love it! Because there is a window on every side, you feel totally submerged in the lake.” The best sleep of your life is also guaranteed!

The house has a small top section as well as a lower living area ten feet below the surface. The little hotel on the lake has attracted thousands of visitors since it opened in 2000. This amazing hotel is located in Stockholm, Sweden and can run between $400-$500 a stay… well worth it when you can peek out from your window and see nothing but the bottom of a lake, and all of the mysterious life beneath it. Oh… and not to mention the noise pollution is virtually non-existent. You can stay at the inn from April/May to early September.

The bedroom sits about 10 feet below the surface



It even has a window to see through… even though the water is a little murky


Peaceful getaway unlike any other




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