This Cool Rain Lamp Brings A Lazy Rainy Day Right Into Your Bedroom

It’s called the Rain lamp and uses water and a Micro-Peristaltic pump system to create a shimmering ripple effect.

Lamps that can simulate weather patterns have become quite popular lately and if you loved the cloud lamp, chances are, you’re going to like Richard Clarkson Studio’s latest creation.

It’s shaped like a globe which acts as a magnifying lens that projects onto the surface below resulting in a mixing of light in water. The lamp uses an LED light bulb that will last you 100,000 hours making it economically efficient.

The hidden pump circulates the water from the pool and releases droplets that fall around the bulb as lighting reflects downwards highlighting the rippling dance.

Rain Lamp


Finishes are available in Brass or White

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How it works

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It comes in two sizes 16” diameter and 12” diameter

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Rain droplets can be timed to slow or steady drops


As the water drops, the light changes and refracts as it hits the pool below and the glass globe magnifies and projects it onto the floor.




The Rain lamp will run you close to $3,000 so if you’ve got some spare change laying around the house to spend on a lamp you can purchase it here.

Pair this bad boy with a cloud lamp, and you’ll really never want to get out of bed. Don’t forget to give this a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

h/t: (Design Milk) More info: Richard Clarkson Studios

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