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This Tiny Box Is Hiding An Entire Bedroom Inside, And It’s Absolutely Mind-Boggling

This looks like your ordinary box… But, once you begin opening it, pretty soon you have an entire fully functional bedroom.

Who would have thought?! The box comes with a bookcase, wardrobe case, bed frame, mattress, multiple chairs, table and pretty much anything you can think of that you would need in a room.

The design and creation of the box is from the people over at Casulo.. who design mobile living furniture.

It starts as a pretty average box

According to their website, “our society is becoming more and more mobile as a result of a fluctuating job market one must ask what the necessities are for people on the move and how their furniture should be designed.

Flexibility and mobility have become key concepts of today’s working world and yet we continue to create our own barriers to our success and mobility.” I just wish I would have known about this thing in college…..

And then something happens — it gets bigger

What’s that under there?

Ohhhh, another box?!


And we have a desk

Filing cabinet?

Where did all this stuff come from?!

How in the world?

A desk, a bed, a closet, a chair…dorm room is looking complete!

It beats having to move a ton of furniture


Oh look! A bed

Who would have thought a small box could have a bed in it

Check out the video

This just gave rooms-to-go an entirely new meaning. You can check out more about it at their website.

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