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This Crazy Zombie Containment Unit Is The Coolest Halloween Prop Ever

Animated Halloween props are becoming quite sophisticated and terrifying lately. Just take this Zombie Containment Unit for example.

It would make anyone question whether or not this is the real thing due to impeccable LCD/LED monitors and stellar visual fx (we know, we know zombies aren’t real).

Nic Andrews is the owner and CEO of Hi-Rez Designs. He spent over 17 years in mainstream Hollywood.

Now the Halloween enthusiast specializes in cutting-edge Halloween/Haunted Attraction visual fx products. They even developed their own custom circuitry and prop controllers.

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Their latest Animatronic Zombie Containment prop sits upright with “zombie” and “security read-out” footage. The zombie then slams on the sides of the container, making them bend due to intense zombie rage within the container.

The zombie continuously pounds on the viewing glass and manages to puncture a hole in it emitting toxic gas. It won’t be long before this zombie finally “breaks out.”

The standard DVD version will run you about $79, but if you want the entire thing you’ll need to shell out a small fortune of $6,000.

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