Take My Money

This Terrifying Japanese Toy Will Haunt Your Nightmares Right After It Eats Your Coins

Here’s the Japanese alternative to the piggy bank, and it’s quite possibly one of the creepiest toys I’ve ever seen.

It’s called the Face Bank, and it’s a motion censored savings bank that eats your coins. It kinda looks has a cute little monkey face… until your stare into its soulless eyes.

If yellow and blue is not the color for you… well you’re in luck, it also comes in a variety of colors like: pink, white and black.

I want…..

Screenshot (6)-Optimized

your coins….

Screenshot (7)-Optimized

Now… Ahhhh

Screenshot (8)-Optimized

This creepy little thing is for children… go figure. Oh and if you’re wanting to buy one… I found it for 14 bucks on Amazon.

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