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This Suspended Moon-Shaped Tent Lets You Sleep Closer To The Stars

Check out this awesome tent created by the people at the Hanging Tent Company. It’s called the roomoon, and it allows you to sleep closer to the stars…. literally! The tents were originally designed by Rufus Martin as a school project. The frame is made from lightweight stainless steel, and the flooring is made from pinewood.

So how do you get up there?! (I know your asking yourself that question) Basically, you hoist yourself up by using a simple pulley system. It’s capable of lifting over one ton… just in case you were curious. All you need is to find a tree… any height and admire the amazing scenery around you.






This is the only way I would want to sleep outside. Even if it does cost about $3,500…. You can check out more information on their Facebook page. Their website seems to be down at the moment.

How peaceful this must be. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook. (h/t mymodermet)

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