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This Smartphone Controlled Robotic Bartender Might Be The Future Of Cocktail Mixing

Part of the problem when making mixed drinks is that gathering all of the measuring cups and ingredients is quite a hassle. Let’s face it; it’s messy to clean up, especially after a few cocktails. Somabar is a robotic cocktail mixing machine that can be controlled by your smartphone…. and it’s as easy as making coffee in a Keurig. Check it out…..

Here’s how it all works

This handy machine can have the most scrumptious cocktail ready in just 5 seconds. All you need to do is fill up the “Soma Pods” with your favorite beverages and liquor, then use the app that’ll suggest ingredients and proportions and voila — you have yourself a perfect drink!  How awesome is that?!

Their Kickstarter raised the money necessary to fund it, and plan to bring the Somabar to market by July 2015. Just in time for those summer cocktails 🙂 The price starts at about $399.

Lets take a look inside


Download the mobile app


And the process is quite simple


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