This Seems Like A Normal Bag Of Rock Candy, Until You Read The Reviews


Unless you haven’t lived on this planet for the last six years then you’re probably familiar with a show called Breaking Bad. I could get into how awesome the show is, but I don’t feel like writing a book tonight. Anyways, apparently someone has been cooking Walt’s secret “Blue Sky” formula and selling it on Amazon….. OK so maybe it is rock candy, but going by nearly all the reviews, I’m starting to question that notion.

Just a normal bag of rock candy until you read the reviews

Screenshot (124)

Screenshot (119)

Screenshot (120)

Screenshot (121)

Screenshot (123)

Heisenberg is apparently alive and well, and he’s not taking kindly to this new product

Screenshot (120)

Yo, you want to get in on this too?….. here’s the link b*tch (Amazon) don’t worry it’s safe.

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