This Insane China Traffic Jam Is What The End Of The World Looks Like

Being stuck in traffic jams suck, but being stuck in China traffic jam…. Well that’s a whole different story.

If you think the traffic in L.A. or Dallas is bad just wait until you see this craziness captured by a drone hovering over one of the world’s largest.

This is apparently a checkpoint in Beijing at the China National Highway 110 during a week long national holiday. The massive traffic jam is caused due to a toll station that causes traffic to bottleneck into 9 lanes. That’s 45 lanes DOWN TO 9! Madness I know.

This isn’t uncommon especially when it comes to places as congested as China. A study back in 2014 found that the average Chinese driver spends the equivalent of nine days a year stuck in traffic.

If the end of the world was upon us, well this is probably what it would look like.

Talk about one hell of a nightmare…. geez.

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