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This Ridiculously Cool Stove Can Burn An Entire Tree Trunk

This is how you stay warm in the Netherlands. Forget sawing pieces of wood, the Dutch put an entire tree into the fire! You can insert one long log for a continuous fire. Start by placing a log into the adjustable-height support stand. Then pushing it into the stove – a small fire is already started in there. Once the log is in, steel diaphragm closes around it.





From there, you just push the log in a little farther, as the end of it burns away


“When you have the ability to create almost anything you can think of, it makes you think of what you want,” says designer Michiel Martens. “No ordinary stove would do—we wanted a special one that would fit our way of shaping reality.”


It regulates how much air is allowed to be fed into the stove. There are currently two models. The Spruce Model Two is for keeping you warm during the cold winters. It is of Dutch origin and was created by Dutch designers Roel de Boer and Michiel Martens. This stove can be delivered directly to you for a fee. It’s crafted in stainless steel and is fire proof itself. This thing runs about $6,000.

To check out more, you can go to their website here(Photo Credits: Spruce Stove) (h/t gizmag)

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