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This Pressure-Sensitive Alarm Clock Won’t STFU Until You Stand On It

This cool floor mat might finally kick your awful snooze-button habit. Meet Ruggie! A cool memory foam floor mat with a built in LED alarm clock that registers the pressure of your feet before turning off the alarm. Once you’re up, the mat then rewards you with daily motivation, goal reminders and even your favorite song…. depending on your preference.

According to Ruggie, ” if you think you’ll just fall back to sleep… Ruggie’s alarm needs to sense your pressure for at least 3 seconds before it shuts off! By then, you would have accomplished what millions struggle to do, getting out of bed”

The mat must register 3 seconds of pressure before shutting off


The Ruggie forces you to get up by placing both feet on the mat, and there’s no snooze option.


Bright LED display activates to your touch, it works also as a night light! Perfect for when you need to get up late at night for a trip to the bathroom.


Incredibly Soft Memory Foam



Check out the video

Ruggie is currently being backed on Kickstarter, and by the looks of it… it’s nearly 4X ahead of it’s pledge goal of $36,000. Pricing starts at $79 and you can expect delivery sometime in September 2016. Check more about it here. (h/t Distractify) (Kickstarter)

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