This Creepy Website Uses AI To Generate Endless Fake Faces is a new website that uses AI to generate an endless supply of fake faces. All you need to do is go to the website and click refresh each time, it’s that simple.

According to The Verge, “The site was created by Uber software engineer Philip Wang who used Nvidia research to create the algorithm which is able to continually create eerily-realistic looking portraits of individuals. The AI has been trained on a large dataset of real images of people and then uses a generative adversarial network (GAN) to recreate its own examples.”

“Each time you refresh the site, the network will generate a new facial image from scratch,” explained Wang in a recent Facebook post. “Faces are most salient to our cognition, so I’ve decided to put that specific pretrained model up. Their research group have also included pretrained models for cats, cars, and bedrooms in their repository that you can immediately use. Each time you refresh the site, the network will generate a new facial image from scratch from a 512 dimensional vector.”

The technology (or framework) was originally invented by researcher Ian Goodfellow along with Nvidia’s version of the algorithm, named “StyleGAN“. It was also just made open source.

These Faces Are Fake

While the website is both harmless and creepy this type of technology could have serious implications in the real world, such as political influence and propaganda to name a few.

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